We care about the development of the rural infrastructure

Working daily in the rural areas, our company takes a full responsibility for a solving of the social and infrastructural problems in the regions of operation. The local communities receive the significant financial resources from our formal and effective cooperation in the form of a timely payment of the taxes and fees.

Annually planning our activities, with the help of the social partnership agreements, we determine the needs of the communities and implement them throughout the year.

Main directions of our activities:

  • Directions of our activities

    A significant part of our social activities is carried out in close cooperation with the management of the local authorities, public activists, opinion leaders who initiate the projects and accompany their implementation.
    In 2020 alone, the company invested almost UAH 25 million in the social sphere of the local communities and paid about UAH 300 million in taxes.
    Many years of experience in planning and implementation of the social initiatives have already formed the impeccable reputation and culture of charity of the “TAS Agro” company.

Main directions of our activities:
  • The capital investments in the educational institutions (the rural schools and kindergartens).
  • The investments in the local infrastructure (the roads, water channels, lighting, etc.).
  • A support of the health care institutions.
  • An assistance to the local sports organizations and teams.
  • An organization of the mass cultural and festive events (Village Day, Independence Day, Knowledge Day, etc.).