Let's create the future together

The “TAS Agro” company, in cooperation with the Serhii Tihipko Charitable Foundation, annually implements more than 200 social projects on the territory of the protected settlements. In order for society to develop spiritually, morally, and materially, it is necessary to work systematically, investing in the various spheres of the life. For ten years, tens of millions of Hryvnias have been directed to the development of the infrastructure, education, medicine, and culture.

Areas of activity:

  • Education

    Children are our future. Therefore, social investments in the educational institutions were and remain a priority activity of the Charitable Foundation. More than 100 schools, lyceums, educational complexes, and kindergartens are under our constant care.
    Priority areas of funding:

    • the repairs of the educational institutions, insulation;
    • the computerization and procurement of office equipment
    • an acquisition of the educational and methodical literature;
    • a provision of the sports equipment;
    • an organization of the excursions and contests;
    • the congratulations on the Day of Knowledge, New Year's and Christmas holidays, etc.
  • Health care

    Traditionally, the medical industry plays a unique role in rural areas. The majority of the rural residents are elderly people, therefore funding paramedics and midwifery centers and medical clinics in the local communities is a priority in the activities of the Serhii Tihipko Charitable Foundation.
    Main areas of financing:

    • the capital repairs of the medical facilities;
    • a procurement of the medicines and medical equipment
    • a repair of the ambulances;
    • a targeted medical care for the socially vulnerable population groups.
  • Infrastructure

    The Serhii Tihipko Charitable Foundation together with the “TAS Agro” company are trying to create the comfortable living conditions in the local communities. The repaired roads, lighting in the villages, high-quality water supply, streets cleared of snowfall are the problems that concern every villager. That is why the communities increasingly turn to us with the similar initiatives. Hundreds of the implemented infrastructure projects are the result of our activities:
    Main areas of financing:

    • a resurfacing of the rural streets;
    • an establishment of the public transport stops, playgrounds;
    • a repair of the water mains and street lighting;
    • a clearing of the roads from the snowdrifts in winter;
    • an assistance in mowing the sidewalks, beautifying cemeteries;
    • an assistance in liquidation of the landfills, consequences of the storms, etc.
  • Sport

    Sport is the key to a healthy society. The development of the sports movement in the local communities does not require much - the conditions and responsible people. No matter what happens in the country, there will always be time and funds to stimulate the development of the sports in the countryside in every possible way. The support of the sports initiatives by the Serhii Tihipko Charitable Foundation is a clear testimony to this.
    Main areas of funding:

    • a reconstruction of the stadiums and sports grounds;
    • a financing of the sports sections in the schools;
    • an assistance in the holding sports tournaments;
    • a procurement of the uniforms and equipment for the village sports teams;
    • an allocation of the transport for the trips to the sports competitions.
  • Culture

    The cultural centers and libraries remain the main centers of the cultural recreation in the rural areas. Due to the lack of the funding, the most cultural institutions are in an extremely inadequate condition. The musical equipment, furniture, computer equipment, financing of the trips to the competitions and festivals, stage costumes, room repairs - the list of the needs for which the Serhii Tihipko Charitable Fund systematically allocates assistance.
    Priority areas of funding:

    • the repairs of the premises of the cultural centers, libraries;
    • a procurement of the music and computer equipment, office equipment;
    • a procurement of the manuals, educational literature;
    • a tailoring of the stage clothes for the groups of the amateur artists;
    • a financing of the Village Days, ceremonial and public holidays.
  • Aid to the defenders of Ukraine

    Since the beginning of the Russia's military aggression, the Serhii Tihipko Charitable Foundation, together with the “TAS Agro” company, has been actively involved in helping the defenders of Ukraine. Let’s work to win!
    Main areas of funding:

    • a provision of the territorial defense with the fuel and lubricants, spare parts, and vehicles;
    • a procurement of the food products, making stew;
    • a provision of the medicinal products and medical equipment for the needs of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
    • a procurement of the uniforms for the territorial defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
    • an allocation of the specialized equipment for the construction and arrangement of the checkpoints;
    • a procurement of the thermal imagers, walkie-talkies, anti-drone guns and body armors.
Our goal:
  • To form a loyal attitude of local residents to the company as a stable and reliable partner, socially responsible business and employer.
  • To establish a systematic and open interaction between communities and representatives of the “TAS Agro” in the regions to jointly solve pressing issues of the social sphere.
  • To support and promote the development of the dependent settlements, to raise the standard of living of the population.